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The rhythmic gymnastics club "Pirouette" is greeting you!



We'd like to invite you to the magic world inspired by beauty and grace! This is one of the most popular kinds of sport for girls. This sport is for real ladies! Our club was founded in 2010 by Anastasya Guseva, the master of sport of Russia, the prizewinner of championships of Russia, the champion of Baltic States and CIT games.
The rhythmic gymnastics develops flexibility, agility and endurance. It makes your body perfect, teaches to be confident in yourself! Nowadays we are looking for girls from 3.5 years in to groups of different levels of training.

The group of training

The group of sport and health training.

No age limits. The lessons assist children in developing their physical, moral and aesthetic qualities.

The group of the beginners

From 3,5 to 6 years old. The first and the second year of training, the acquaintance with the basis of the rhythmic gymnastics, the participation in the sport events of the club.

The group of sport training

From 6 years old. The third and the following years of training. The sport perfection, the participation in the tournaments of different levels.

The individual training

No age limits. The individual training programme takes into consideration the starting sporting form of the person and the aims.

All the groups are trained on a specially designed author's technique

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